MBWE II - Twonkymedia with custom tree, database dies and starts rebuilding

Hi WD MBWE forum users,

I have a MBWE II (2 TB version), latest version/firmware (jan 2011).

Recently changed the twonkymedia views to the custom ones mentioned on the twonky forum (allows me to search my 13000+ collection a lot easier by letter of alphabet rather than group of letters).

It works ok, but every so often it will completely die and i can see that twonky has started rebuilding the database from scratch. I suspect its down to not enough memory in the unit and the amount of music i have, but wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue or has a resolve?

cache memory in twonky is 11455 KB which is probably more that the physical memory in the box?

thanks in advance for any assistance.

cheers adrian.

Are you able to change the twonky version? If not its probably the files that have the issue.

Hi Lawrence,

Sorry for the delay in getting back, thought that when someone posts it was going to email me, obviously not as didnt check the box !

I havent tried downgrading the firmware on the box yet, as worried i’d loose the data. I’ve tucked the box in the cupboard under the stairs with a cisco switch so not great to gain access.

At the moment the box has been stable for about a week, so will check how it goes. I’ve narrowed down the cause, and seems to be that when i was using the PS3 to query the box was when it rebuilt the database last. if i just use my sony bravia’s (slower client) then it remains stable.

will keep you posted.

thanks again for your assistance.

cheers adrian.