MBP Stolen - Finding MBL / resetting passwords

Hi. Unfortunately my Mac Book Pro was stolen at the beginning of the week :cry:. I am trying to restore the replacement using the timemachine backups I made on the My Book Live and access the shares I made. However I can not find or remember any of the passwords or much else. I have tried using the setup software to access it but it cant find the MBL.

My netbook - still has full access to my itunes library though.

How do I find the IP address of the MBL - as I think i have the right admin password - i just cant get to that page.

Once I have access to the drive, as admin, is it just a matter of chnaging the shares passwords.

Thanks and I will be writing all this down now!

Hi Dooda,

Two ways:

  1. If you have access to your router ( or something like that) you can probably see the attached devices and get the IP.

  2. If you know the MBL’s name (it probably shows up if you check your local network through Finder),

just type <MBL’s name>.local in a browser address bar and you’ll be directed to the UI of your MBL.

If, for example, my MBL is named ‘mybooklive’ then I would type ‘mybooklive.local’.



Fantastic. Thankyou. :smiley: