MBLD will not connect to my Router

I have just purchased the TPTB AMBLED and it is not finding my wireless router.  I am living in Japan and have a Japanese router.  It will green up when I fist plug it into the router but after a few minutes it goes to yellow/orange flashing.  I did a test with my older belkin router and it worked.  I should not have to run my slower router to get my net work drive to work.  Any thoughts on what it could be?  I really would like this to work so I can use it with all the features that it comes with.  I can still do direct connect to one computer but there are 4 computer and 2 streaming devices in my home that I want to have access to this.

What is a TPTB AMBLED?

It was to say 4 TB MBLD:flushed: