MBLD & WD2go service causing Finder to crash

Hi there, 

I’m wondering if anyone else has run into the issue I’m having.

I’m working on OSX 10.8.3 and have a MBLD setup at home connected to a 5h Gen AIrport Extreme Base Station.

The problem is that when I connect to the MBLD on my internal network via SMB more often than not the finder crashes after the volume has mounted and I try to browse to files.

The same thing is happening when I mount the volume externally via the WD2go service. It mounts the volume, but then crahes the Finder as soon as I start to navigate to a file.

I must just add that in both cases the finder becomes so unresonsive that it will not be simply relaunched and is only remedied with a hard shutdown (ie. holding down the power putton until computer turns off)

Normally this solution does allow me to connect and browse properly again, but to me that’s not really a solution. I shouldn’t need to force shutdown my mac every time I need to connect to my MBLD!

Any solutions would be helpful and greatly appreciated



Are you able to try that on a different computer with the same OS?

Also make sure to update the drive with the latest firmware as this will improve the functionality of the drive.