MBLD still indexing media?

I have disabled all media sharing/serving on my MDLB 6TB, both under Settings>Media (DLNA and itunes), and for each share individually under Shares.

Why is it that MBLD is telling me how much of my data is movies and music, as shown in this screenshot? Maybe this explains why it wakes up from sleep every few minutes and accesses the drive (which wakes me up at night) even though all devices on the network are turned off.

That type of indexing (and yes, it will index even if all services are off) is very fast and done only when the file systems is modified.

So I doubt that’s what’s waking it up.

Mine doesn’t wake up very often – only a few times a day, unless we leave our PCs on – in which case it wakes up exactly every 32 minutes.   Windows 7 logs into any server it can find as GUEST – which wakes up every device on my network.