MBLD not detecting all of my Media

I have set up my MBLD as a media server in the public folder. I have folders for my videos, music, pictures, ect. I have placed all my music and a handful of my videos onto the device. I can see all of the content when accessing from both my desktop and laptop computers. My PS3 picks up the server and has all the folders. However, when I go to look at the video folder, there are no movies in it on the PS3. I scanned the media on the device and only 5500 of my 9000+ songs are found and only 2 videos of my 15+ are found. 

Could this be a file type issue with the storage device or what? Anyone else ever run into this? 

Check if this works, from the MBLD dashboard got to settings/media/status and click on the rescan option, if that doesn’t work try with the rebuild option.