MBLD DLNA still not working after firmware upgrade

Hello everyone, relative newb here on the forums.  

I have had no luck in getting my MBLD to be “seen” as a DLNA server by any devices on my network including a PS3, Sony BluRay BDP-390, or a Windows 7 laptop.  I patiently waited for the new firmware thinking that could be the culprit, but still have no luck getting this to work.   

I have enabled the DLNA server and have also turned on Media Sharing on the Public folder.  Is there anything else I need to do?  When I scan for media servers from my PS3, laptop, or BD player, it doesn’t even find the MBLD, let alone list any of the media.  

I am able to access the MBLD via the web browser and also use Windows Explorer to see the folders and files, just can’t get the streaming part off the ground.  I have searched this forum as well as others for resolutions and have tried most of the suggestions to no avail.  I even went as far as installing Twonky prior to the last update and still had no luck.  I have tried statically assigning the IP address as well as DHCP, no difference.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I’m running out of ideas.

While the MBLD has been unstable prior to the update, I was always able to see it on my PS3 and all other devices on my network including Sony Blu Ray player, TV and Media Player. Since the update I would say it’s about 99% working as it should. My suggestion would be to try a different router. I’m assuming you have DLNA enabled on your MBLD.

Thank you for your response.  I can’t see how the router would be the problem as I can see the drive from my windows and linux machines.  I also went out and bought a WD Live yesterday and am able to access the drive to playback videos. When accessing from the WD Live I have to search the network using the Network Shares content type rather than the media server.  So in other words, I can access the drive to playback content just not using its Media Server capabilities.

Is there a way to confirm that the media server is actually running through the CLI?  Maybe the GUI is just not actually starting the service.

Alot of others are in the same situation.  

I have tried several different routers without any luck.  Have you been able to see the media server at any time on your devices (ie. when first installed or with little content)?  The issue I have is that my mbld is seen and acts normally when there are only a few files on there but soon disapears from the dlna devices when I put all my movie files onto it.

When I compare our systems, it appears the only thing we do not have in common is the router. Trying a different router and getting the same results would eliminate the router as being the problem. At which point I would replace the MBLD.