MBLD 6tb and WDTV live hub connect problems

I recently purchased the above in hopes of streaming my movie collection throughout the house on 3 different TVs. My basement TV has the Hub directly connected via HDMI and I have no issues.  All TVs and BluRay players on the network are Samsung. 

(1) The bedroom Blu-Ray player connects to the network wirelessly and sees both devices.  In order for me to play anything from the MBLD, I need to click on its icon and select the video from the MBLD folder.  I was under the impression that the WDTV live hub streamed the media.  Half the time I play a file from this room (via MBLD), the movie stops suddenly and says that the MBLD has been disconnected.

(2) The living room Blu-Ray connects to the network via a USB wireless adapter.  Once connected, it only detects the WDTV live hub and there is no MBLD folder to be found.  Since the hub has 1TB of storage, I can save files to it and those files will play fine, but the MBLD (which holds the bulk of everything) cannot be accessed.

If there is any other information that I need to provide, I certainly will do so.  Is there a way to connect the MBLD directly to the WDTV live hub?  Right now, both are connected to the router.  I appreciate any help anyone can offer!  Thanks!

Not possible to connect the MBL directly  to the Hub 

what’s the brand for the blu-ray on the living room?