MBL with fixed red led after power outage

Yesterday, after a power outage, my 2 TiB MyBook Live (and my router) stopped working and now (after having fixed the router) it give me a solid red LED (the rear LEDs are both green; one solid and the other blinking; slowly).

I’ve tried to power off and on the MBL, to reset and to direct-link the MBL to the PC (a Mac). Still nothing.
I can’t even ping (nor SSH) the device; the router doesn’t recognize it.

What can I do ?
I don’t have any backup (the MBL itselft was supposed to be) of the 1.1+ TiB of data…

Thanks in advance!

Red is not good, check the manaul for more info.

If you do not have any backups, the only hope is to recover the files using the unbrick guide V1.

Not sure what you mean by “I don’t have any backup (the MBL itselft was supposed to be)”. 

A backup is one or more copies of the data, regardless of the media. Read the link below for more info.

Here is some simple reading about backups.


The manual wasn’t useful… it just says “bad things”; not how to fix them.

The unbrick guide seems not very easy and, by the way, I don’t have any other HDD where I can put those files; I used the term “backup” in the (wrong) way in order to say “external [safe ?!] store” (even if I put my own pc backups on it; on different partition).

So, are there any other solution rather than buying (at least) a SATA docking station and do all these stuffs ?

O.T.: As you could imagine, I’m not a native English speaker; I try to do my best in order to be understood.


No worries about the language…

Those things, yes they are bad, but knowing what it means will give you and idea what the problem is. All except for temperature are related to OS and/or hard drive issues.

In your case, if you are 100% temperature is not an issue, I do not believe there is any other option.

There are two possible scenarios:

  • Power outage caused the OS to be corrupted. Use unbrick guide to recover files and restore OS

  • Power outage caused the hard drive failure/malfunction. Use unbrick guide to recover files, if possible at all

If under warranty, contact WD, you might be able to get a replacement. However, chances are WD will not recover your files.

Opening enclosure and removing hard drive as specified in guide, will void your warranty, be aware.

Good luck.

Thanks for all… I’ll try to unbrick and recover by myself.

I’ve asked an estimation to a known data recovery firm partner with WD and they asked me ~600 € (with a 40% “discount”); not very cheap. Especially if I take in account the eventually necessity to buy another NAS.