MBL wakes up every time pc resumes from sleep / starts

Every time i start up my pc or it resumes from sleep, the MBL wakes up. Can i change this behaviour so it does not wake up every time i switch on / resume my pc use ?

Maybe you’ve got something on youre PC that always changes something on your NAS as soon as it sees it?

Not that i know of, i just hooked up the MBL to my network did not install any software. I configure it via the web interface.

Do you have the MBL’s Shares mapped to the Windoes box?   If so, that is normal behavior.

I do have MBL shares mapped in WIn7, but my MBL never go out of stand-by when I turn on my PC. Only if i’m accessing those shares from Win. So it could be some “check-box” thing somewhere in Windows (probably its automaticly try to connect to your NAS when PC starts and establish share)

I do not have the shares mapped, so windows cannot reconnect. I will try to map the shares and see if that helps (?)

After a hard reset of the NAS the problems are gone. Strange but nice.