MBL stops responding when Remote access is active

New here and new to MBL and already searching for solution.

I have 1T MBL, connected to my Thompson ruuter
When I eneable remote access (mobile and w2go) then for some reason after some time MBL stops responding.
I can not access to MBL in no way. I dont see devide in the network, dont see on the WD software on the computer.
Only way to recover is cold restart, unplug.
After restart it takes about 15-30 minutes and it stops responding again and disaapears from the network. The led however stays green.

this hapens when remote access in enabled, while remote is disabled it does not hang.

CAn anyone suggest a cure for this?

firmaware was updated to latest version, before I took it to use.


What Thompson do you have? I have had horrible experiences with the 585v7, on any case do you have the same problem on another router?

I have the  ST780

Have not tried MBL on other router, don’t have one. Do you think its router based problem ? That is the first device that disappears from my network so far.  

Forgot to mention that led stays solid green, despite I loaded 80.000 photos or  400Gbytes of photos and it should probably supposably convert them to use of WD Photos.  its just silent there with no activity at all.

It has some relation to the remote access and how it works, as when I disable remote then  it stays alive and functional and visible in the network.


Has anyone any good idea how to debug this problem… I have also made full factory restore, but the problem still exists.

The moment  I turn on Remote acess, I can start counting minuts when MBL stops responding.

Question, I have some linux experience of a noob. so I enabeld ssh… but is there some good command how I could monitore the processes, log and resource usage.

I’d like to try to see what happens… 

I think there is something overloading.

I have 400G of images on the MBL drive… When remote is activated, it stats scanning and processing something.

Could it be related to some “got jam” problem