MBL offsite back up

Is there a easy way to keep an automatic backup of my MBL offsite? Is there another WD product that I can set up at another location that my MBL could keep a copy on? 

By themselves, no, not in any simple automated sense.

The WD My Cloud EX2 and EX4 are the only ones with built-in Offsite backup capabilities.

If you use a PC to handle the backups, then you’re pretty much able to any form of backup you can think of.

You can create ‘safepoint’ on another MBL, and choose ‘automatic’ mode from the web UI dashboard.

Another way is more flexible but not that simple:

Bring up RSync daemon on the destination MBL(or other NAS device running linux), add a RSync command to the cron job table of the source MBL.