MBL not working since FW update

Hello everyone, did you ever have one of those days where nothing goes right? Yeah I know we all have, well my problem with the Mbl is what seems a common one since the new FW was installed, I no longer can access the Dashboard and the green LED on the front will not stop blinking and the drive never goes into standby mode.  is trhere no fix? I’ve tried most of the suggested fixes that have been posted in th last few days but like you’ve all said “Bricked”! And another thing I noticed is at the Discussion start page, and it seems all the Support pages, where all the announcements for Latest Support News and Updates are, as the new releases scroll by, the FW that was released on 10/25/11 version 2.03.01-0124 is listed but the latest one that has caused so much trouble doesn’t seem to be on the list anymore? Interesting.

Ouch, if the drive is like this, your best option will be replace it under warranty.