MBL never sleeps with DirecTV box on the network

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I know the topic above is fairly old, but I noticed a number of DirecTV references in the thread that were looking for some follow up information.

I’ve had a pair of 3TB MBL drives on my network for a couple of years. They have always worked great and gone to sleep when expected (10 minutes or so normally, hours to days later if I just uploaded large amounts of video/picture data). About two weeks ago I changed from Uverse TV to DirecTV (with Genie DVR, I think it is the HR44). Since that upgrade, neither MBL went to sleep again.

So it was pretty obvious that the DirecTV box was accessing the drives, but I don’t know why. Other posts referred to turning off the media server on the DirecTV box, but I didn’t find anything about that on the box. Instead, I turned off Twonky and iTunes on the MBL and it worked. The drive is back to sleeping exactly as expected. I already had remote access turned off, so I’m not sure if that is required as well.

I realize that if you need those features then this doesn’t really help, but hopefully it is useful to someone. If you need those features then a solution would need to be found to stop the DirecTV box from accessing the drives regularly, because that is the issue, not the MBL. I poked around a bit on the DirecTV box, but didn’t find anything that looked like it might allow me to prevent those accesses.

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Thank you very much for the update. Indeed it would seem the DVR is constantly communicating with the NAS’s media serving features, preventing sleep.

Same sort of issue here but not Direct TV. It’s the TV. LG’s so called Smart TV constantly scans the network and keeps everything awake. I used to run a PlayOn media server and it was so bad it would crash the server looking for new/watched media. Just saying this so others might look at their TV as well as a possible culprit. In my case, I just gave the TV a static address and then blocked it from the PC that was serving PlayOn. All DLNA problems. LG didn’t make it so you could turn DLNA off. Dumb TV and possibly the worst one I have ever owned.