MBL - Network Trash Folder and Temporary Items (?)


I have a MBL and when I login with my iPhone or Windows laptop I see some Apple files and two folders (‘Network Trash Folder’ and ‘Temporary Items’). 

I don’t see them when I go to Finder via my MacBook Pro and I haven’t created them myself. Does anyone know how to delete these folders and files? It seems that they are created in every Share that I created.

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What apps are you seeing these files in?

Are you saying you see these through WD2go.com?

These are metadata files, created by Apple’s AFP (just like the .AppleDouble files). You don’t see them in Finder since Apple OS ignores these (or does not present them to the user).

I see them when I browse the MBL via my WIndows laptop and via my iPhone and iPad. You are right about the fact that I don’t see them via Apple’s Finder. Why are those files in every Share and am I able/allowed to delete them? 

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You need to talk to Apple as to why they are there. I believe you can delete them, but if you use a Mac to browse the folders, it will automatically recreate them. I believe some of them have to do with Time Machine support as well.

Which app are you seeing these with ? WD 2go Mobile App?

I am using the WD 2go Mobile App and I browse the folders via my Apple MacBook but my girlfriend and father (who is browsing via WD Web Access both see the files and folders on their Windows Explorer.

Thanks anyway…I guess I’ll have to life with it… :frowning:

Just so we are clear.

You don’t see this with the Mobile App?

You don’t see this with a Mac?

You see this with PC’s browsing through the Web Access?

If so, this is pretty normal.

I also see them when I’m browsing with my iPad and iPhone via the WD 2go App and also via Windows Explorer but I don’t see them via my MacBook Pro.

Yes there are many special files/folders that netatalk creates (via afd process)- many of them we hide because they begin with a period ‘.’. The network trash can & temp files are also hidden by finder on your Mac but those that use smb mounts such as Windows will see these folders. The WD 2go app currently only filters ‘.’ files/folders and is something we can explore in a future release to filter out.