MBL lights keep changing colors. Why?

I have had issues with my drive in the past with odd noises, blinking lights and changing colors. I received the email from WD a week or so ago and immediately unplugged my device. I then rebooted it while connected to my laptop. I tried doing the factory reset but could not get the lights to Blink. Afterwards I was able to log into the interface and then attempted a firmware update… no luck as the file would not download and update… I have been able to access files up until this point but since I noticed that the front light is blue when first plugged in, then turns solid yellow. It then will turn solid blue then back to yellow. Never does the green light show anymore. I am no IT person, so I am wondering if the drive is tired so I should get it to a person who can retrieve the data and put on a new device.?

Hi @joetiii,

Please refer below link to help you with trouble shooting steps: