MBL keeps asking for password

Win 7, IE9 on a new Lenovo.  Home network, nothing complicated.

I set up this MBL drive a number of ways.  Installed the software, and didn’t install the software.  Added Users with passwords and with no passwords.  I added shares with and without passwords.

When I go to Windows Explorer, click on Network, the drive is visible there.  When I try to open the drive, it asks me for a password.  Is this the password for my home network, my computer, the MBL drive, or the user on the drive/  Doesn’t matter.  It keeps coming up no matter what password I put in.

All I want is to be able to plug this in to my router and have it show up as a network drive to anyone connected to my network.

I searched this forum and others with no success yet.  Any help?


The password is whatever User ID and Password you assigned to the share – NOT to the DRIVE (unless you’re trying to log in as ADMIN.)

If you created the share to be a PUBLIC share, then ANY user ID and password will be accepted.