MBL - In VMWare

I have a Macbook Air and am running Windows 7 Ultimate through VMWare.  How can I access the MBL drive in Windows as the setup program cant find the drive?

I’ve never used VMWare personally, but I do use Oracle VirtualBox, and the same setup was needed there… so just a suggestion…

If you’re using VMWare, you need to make sure the virtual NIC of the Win7 guest is “bridged” to the same network that the MAC host is in.   

If the VM host is configured for NAT to the guests, it won’t work.

Thanks - any chance of a quick lesson on how to do that please?

As I said, I’ve never used VMware before.  So I can’t give lessons… :wink:

Did you  find a viable solution?  I just purchased the My Book Live drive.  I too use VMware to run Windows 7.  I primarily use VMWare/Windows 7 to run Quicken 2012 and I would like to back up my Quicken data file to the My Book Live drive.

Thanks for the tip!  I use Win 7 through Parallels 7 on Mac (OS X Lion) and could not figure this out.  In Parallels you go to the Devices Menu -> Network 1 (in my case) -> Bridged Network -> Default Adapter (or whatever adapter you want to specify).  It worked like a charm once I switched it.

You may want to Google “how to bridge network connections in vmware.”  It brought up a bunch of answers but I couldn’t recommend a specific one without knowing your version, etc.