Mbl directly to pc or laptop

hi how can i do that because when i plug it in directly it didnt recognase it my pc


It has to be connected to your network. That’s why its called a Network Attached Storage NAS. Do you have a router or cable modem on your network?

Actually the MBI can be connected to the ethernet port of your computer directly and the device should renegotiate a new ip address. When i was having problems support had me do this and the device showed up on my network and was accessible as a network device .


PS Running Windows Vista operating system.

it works as well in windows 7 also. 

It might work amd might not, it all depends on the hardware.

But it does NOT renegociate a new IP if you are set to DHCP, unless you laptop is set to be a DHCP server.

If MBL is set to DHCP, it will timeout, and the range by default from timeouts is somewhere in This might work, depeding on how the hardware nic on your laptop defaults to when a DHCP server is not found as well.

In a few words, if you connect two nics set to DHCP directly, none will get an IP. 

I had the same issue as the original poster I went and got a crossover cable and it worked like a charm no problems connecting to my pc after that

thnx and how it seen it on network like when it attached on router???

i find the solution and is simple.

you must set static ip on mbl and on pc or laptop but not the same ip

for how to set static ip google it

p.s. if you have an old pc you must buy a crossover cable

hope that i help

Hi jmatt - I did the same because the drive no longer connected through the router. was that your problem too?