MBL and .m2ts files

Does My Book Live play .m2ts files (AVCHD from the SONY cameras)? In the manual I only saw .mts files. How it works with SONY BRAVIA TV (HX820 series). I think about MBL and - as alternative version - SYNOLOGY DS212j. Which of them is better for home using?

If you are using clean network shares then the MBL won’t care if the file is m2ts, the PLAYBACK device will. So it’s up to your TV, if your TV supports CLEAN network access and file sharing over SMB then it will play the file off the MBL itself with no problems.

Now, the TWONKY media server inside the MBL is a different story. If your TV will just play the files over DLNA and does not support clean file sharing, then the files WON’T play if they are not supported by Twonky.

So botton line, if your TV supports clean SMB file access then it doesn’t matter the file is m2ts, the MBL itself will just serve it to the TV and let the TV do the work.

If your TV does NOT support SMB and instead uses DLNA media servers, then the TWONKY service on the MBL won’t let you play the files that are not supported by both your TV AND Twonky.