MBL 2TB - Twonky Media Server Quality vs other media servers

Hi everyone, and sorry for my bad English grammar.

I bought a WD MBL2TB (model 2012) to put all my movies and music collection.

I have a Samsung HTD5500 connected to my router (wired/gigabit), and, until I have the MBL, I saw the movies that was placed in PC hard drive with Samsung AllShare, with great quality (sound and image) and reading all files (MKV;SRT, etc)

With MBL I have 2 problems that I have already solved with the help of this forum: no subtitles / no mkv.

But now, I need to understand if there is any possibility to have difference in quality (sound or image) using a Samsung HTD5500 with Twonky server, instead with Samsung Allshare Server.

I ask that because someone told me, that with Samsung Allshare (that was made by Samsung), I can have better quality using my HTD5500 (better sound and image)… it´s true???

Thanks to all


I know for sure that the quality will vary depending on the server that you use. However, I not sure wich one is better.

Are you able to test both and let the forum know wich one provides you better quality?