MBL 2TB Install Problem / Not Found

I have a new WD My Book Live 2TB hooked up to my home network by Ethernet cable. Connected to the netword are two laptops, one by ethernet cable, the other wirelessly and a desktop. All operate using Win 7. I have check the MDL and it has the latest firmware.

My Book Live Set up followed by WD smartware (latest version) has been installed on both laptops. Both laptops have been then backed up successfully.

I am unable to install My Book Live on the desktop as it cannot find the MBL. I have installed WD Smartware but am unable to backup to the MDL as it does not appear on the home page. I have also tried to map the drive using WD Link but as above it can not see the MDL.

I can generally see the MDL in Windows explorer under the Network items. I can also see the MDL using the web based desktop.

Finall I hace checked the router and it can allow UPnP.

Any ideas ?

Try to reinstall the WD Smartware application in your computer, make sure The My Book is visible under your network drives.

I have tested myself and found not problem at all.