MBL 2 TB just shows steady blue light

I have this MBL 2 TB, when I power on - initally yello light blinks and then thier is a steady blue light. it i not getting detected over PC or mobile. I tried to do a reset but MBL is not getting reset. yellow/blue light blinks and again back to square one.

I tried connecting lan to PC directly but no change, WD discovery is also downloaded but until drive shows green light , this sotware will not detect it.

i checked for the LAN cable and it shows a steady green light at the back of the drive. what could be the reason for drive not getting reset or dashboard opening up via ip address? Would appreciate your advice on it. Thanks in advance!

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It’s possible for the device to be stuck in booting. Have you tried a different power adapter? WD Support can provide you with a replacement. You can do so either by phone or email.

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You proabably have a drive failure or OS corruption.  Use one of the debrick guides on this forum to solve the issue. You will not lose your data.