MB World 2TB: The network path was not found

Hi all,

I just bought a new MyBook World 2TB drive. However, I can’t access it from my laptop HP8540w W7Pro 32bit - the WD Discovery SW finds the drive, but after clicking on “map network drive” in it, a message \ Mybookworld The network path was not found appears. I can though access the web console of the device and configure everything there.

I tried all the patches on my laptop, no Windows Live is installed, Netbios is running, workgroup is the same on all computers (incl. capital letters) etc., but no solution yet.  My other laptop - 8530w with same OS can see it and works perfectly with it. Please reply if you know any solution (I think it is some settings in Win7, but no idea which one).

My network config - MB World <> Linksys WRT610N <> Laptops via wireless.

Thanks for any help on this one.

Same problem.

I have send support e-mail.

I dont use a 198.162.x.x network


I have changed the network address of the entire network and then same problem appeared. I have the same notebook, same wireless, same PS3, network address is different only…

Is there any thought about this?

Regards, DARIO