Maximum Music collection size for adding to Media Library?

I just purchased my WD SMP, and first attempted to set the unit up with my entire audio/video collection on my NAS at once. I had it set to rescan during standby, and added 3 shares from my NAS: MOVIES, TV, and MUSIC. I noticed that the compile took forever so I let it run overnight. The next day, I realized that the MOVIE and TV shares had completed relatively shortly (w/in a couple hours), but the MUSIC was listed as last scanned approx. 16 hours after I left it. I then realized that I should be doing manual scans due to library size, and changed the setting to rescan monthly. I also removed the MUSIC share from the library and performance improved dramatically.

My basic question is: Now that I have my MOVIE and TV shares set up in the library, and all content info retrieved, will I be able to now add the MUSIC share to the library? It is approximately 145 gigs. I just don’t want to have to go through 8 hour-plus recompiles.

MUSIC scans take a very long time because of the sheer number of files to scan.

For that reason, I don’t add music shares to my Media Library;  I just access them as a direct share connection or via my Twonky server (depending on what I want to do.)

I have been accessing via the share. It seems that the Queue functionality is only available if in the Media Library. This is unfortunate. I will have to seek out an alternative to getting my music library to my living room setup, one that supports on-the-fly playlists. I’m not familiar with Twonky. I’'ll have to look into it.


I use playlists (pls) with relative paths. They work without using the Media Library. The only thing that doesn’t seem to work without the ML are tags.

I create them using MusicBee.