Mapping USB drive connected to WD My Cloud Home

Hi folks,

I was wondering if there was a way to map an external drive connected to WD My Cloud Home via smb? To make it visible on the local network as another share and be able to use it as extra storage, or as a destination for back-ups, etc.



Have you already checked the User Manual and/or the Knowledge Base?

Yes, I have, thank you. The manual does not contain any detail on how to map an external hdd connected to WD MHC via USB.


It is always easier to check with the Knowledge Base which is extensive and nearly always up to date as the PDF manual appeared to be dated from 2017 and unchanged since.

The My Cloud Home is a simple “Personal Cloud Storage” device that lacked many features of the traditional NAS, that much has been well publicized in the product brochure.

My Cloud Home: Unsupported Product Features
Please refer to the table below for a list of features that are Not Supported on a My Cloud Home or Duo which are typically supported on competitor Network Attached Storage products.

among the many unsupported features listed:

NAS to USB Backups // likely to mean limited USB access
Remote NAS to NAS Backups
Internal NAS Backups
USB Camera Backups

Password Protected Network Shares
Remote Access to Public Share
Remote Access to Backup Share // likely to mean the USB backup share as well
Amazon S3 Backup
Twonky DLNA Media Server
iTunes Server

Thank you,

I have looked through the list of non-supported features, and I am not sure that this relates to exactly what I am trying to find out.

To me, Lack of back-up to USB is more about automated back-ups to USB, which is missing, indeed. It doesn’t necessary mean to me that you can’t map the connected USB drive as a separate share, though.

The lack of remote access to back-up share… could be about it. Although it is also not that obvious to me that by “back-up share” they mean a usb drive. This looks more about connecting to Windows/Mac OS dedicated back-up shares outside of LAN to me.

Anyway, do I get it right that the answer to my question is “it is impossible”?