Mapping the SMP

just want to confirm that I need to have a USB stick attached to the SMP in order to map it?

without a USB stick of hdd attached there is nothing to map

but I’m guessing you are actually wanting to map the osd folder or other internal directories

which is not currently possible on SMP

mapping a USB stick, does just that

gives access to only the USB stick

I thought you had to map it in order to do movie sheets?

No, that’s only if your drive is connected to the SMP and you don’t won’t to unplug the drive from the SMP to create moviesheets.

If the drive is connected to your PC, then you just generate everything directly to it.  And if it’s a NAS then you map your NAS.  Mapping is only necessary so that Thumbgen will see the drives so that you can generate too them, but is not a necessary for you to display moviesheets or metadata.