Map Wndws 8.1 Drive to User on 3TB RAID1 Cloud drive, No Pwds work

  • Am attempting to restore a mapped drive setting to a 3TB RAID1 drive. (No I don’t remember how it was done previously, sorry.)
  • No login is required to use this Windows 8.1 PC, hence no password is set up, and don’t want one.
  • Have attempted “Use Another Account” then entered the domain & password of the WD cloud drive & username, but Windows says:

Suggestions? Thanks for anything you can provide.
Charlie C.

You shouldn’t need to use the “domain” name, just the User name and password you created through the My Cloud Dashboard. Windows also may block mapping a share if you have already mapped a Share using one User name and are trying to use a different User name for the new Share. If this is the case, disconnect all existing mapped shares and try remapping all Shares using the same User name (provided its configured for access to the Shares your trying to map.)

See the following WD Support document that gives general directions on how to map a Share in Windows.

Edit to add: What model of My Cloud do you have? The single bay My Clouds do not have multiple RAID hard drives.

Thanks, Brennor. You are absolutely right! The ‘domain’ specified in the
dialog box threw me for sure. I’ve learned something. Thanks again!