Map mycloud as hdd on a remote macbook

I can’t seem to find the correct way to map my “mycloud” NAS as a network drive on my macbook. i’ve tried “connect to a server” in finder with my external IP but this doesn’t work. I keep on getting an error connecting to the server.
I’ve got the wd mycloud app which is working correctly from a remote network but I’d rather map is as an actual drive.
Any advice?


Did you switch on AFP in “general settings - network” of your MyCloud? Then, in the finder, connect to server:


there’s no option in the settings to enable AFP but when I check the manual I find this:
“Supported protocols CIFS/SMB, NFS, FTP, AFP” . This is the only hit in the manual when searching for AFP or SMB.
in finder on a remote network, do I write “afp://myexternalip” ??

If you’re wanting to map your drive remotely (I.e. when away from your local network), I’m sorry to tell you that WD removed that facility with the OS3 firmware ‘upgrade’.

So, when on a remote network, there is NO other way to connect to the network drive than with the wd app?

Correct. Outside of, the FTP and the WD apps/software there is no other officially supported way to remotely access the drive. When WD revamped the (now website during their rollout of the OS 3 firmware they removed the option to “map” a drive remotely through the website. Feel free to voice your opinion in the following thread on the remote drive mapping issue…

No, I was talking about being in your home network.