Map My Book World 1TB (White light) drive on external computer for remote access

I have My Book World 1TB (White light) drive installed on my home LAN.

Need to allow remote access for it for 3-4 people. They have both XP and Windows 7 machines.

Aplication is not critical, and files are small, so neither speed or security are a major concern.

Remote users have a legacy application, which requires the data to be seen as a mapped drive.

Can some one help me with step by step instructions how my local My Book World drive can be mapped on their remote computer ?

Thank you in advance !


Check if the links below helps.

Read both links, thank you.

I think I even understood most of it :slight_smile:

However, none of the links contains any practical, step by step instructions.

Can any one advise in plain English how my remote clients can map on their local XP or Windows 7 the WD My Book World, residing on my local LAN ?