Map hardrive to network on PC

Hi, I want to map my Mycloud to “NETWORK” as a drive on my laptop. Can the instructions be posted.

Thank you

Have you checked the Knowledge Base?

My Cloud: Shares Online User Guide and Solutions (

Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

From the File Explorer, Map network drive.
Find the names of your system and Id.

should look something like
\\MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA\username or \IPAdress\username

It’ll prompt you to sign in with the MyCloud username and password. Should work then! GL


Thank you for reply.

Ive been able to map it under Network, but the two folders inside are empty .


Neither of those folders should be the one your files should be under, unless you want it all Public. Does the username/password account you used have access to the folder you want? That’s the only explanation I can think of.