Manually copying and pasting files not working?


Just bought a new Passport and I need a quick tip on being able to manually copying and pasting files. I only want it for certain pictures, vids, and music on there without having to download huge catagories. However when I try manually copy and paste stuff into the drive, it gives me this message: ‘Item Not Found: Could not find this item. This no longer located in D:. Verify item’s location and try again.’ I did install the WD apps files as well as Smartwave so I don’t know if it’s conflicting with that somehow. Would really like to figure this guy out. Thanks ahead to anyone who can answer this!


You can try files on a different source drive/folder and see if there’s a problems with the files you were trying to copy.

What OS are you using? A drive formatted NTFS for Windows will be read only on a Mac.