Manually content search disappeared

I used to be able to select a movie file, go into the options and then have it search for content info… after last firmware update, I am no longer seeing that option… did it go away?  am i missing something?

Is your content source set to “My Media Library?”

Yep.  Just went and re-selected my media library and i’m seeing more options now on a movie, but still not the content look up.  I have view backdrop photos, view info, watch trailer form youtube, add to queue, rate, favorite, move, copy, delete upload to facebook, select multiple.  

I do see the “rescan” option when on a folder of movies now, just not an individual movie.

i went back to settings and changed it to manual and now i’m getting the option.  Could have sworn it was there before when set to Auto.  So if i’m figuring this out… i cannot manually search for a movie if it is set to auto, each time i have a movie that cannot be found; i have to go in, turn auto to manual, look it up, and then go back to auto for down the road?