Manual does not cover thisl; wil Restore merge files or overwrite new ones?

My Book Essential 1TB

I had a big virus event and a diskwipe cleared off everything. I should have run a Restore immediately, but didn’t. I have some new files now.

Will Restore overwrite my new files or keep both copies and merge the folders?

And, how do I get to the WD file page?: I can’t find it.

I have been involved with PCs since they first became available for home use, but this is my first external drive, and I think I love it. But I have to learn to make it work for me. The manual doesn’t work because I am dyslexic.


If you backed up with Smartware you need the same version to restore that you backed up with. I also think you need to use the option to make a folder to retrieve into. I have no experience here sorry I can’t help more.