Managing several WD Media Players from remote computer


I wish to manage video content for 6 WD Media players (Menu displays in a restaurant).

  1. Is it possible, from my home computer, upload content to specific WD MPs so, playing the content wold not involve straming from the web but rely on internal drive?

  2. Does WD MP contain an internal disk of some kind or it is necessarily a USB memory stick or USB hard drive?

  3. Can we save 6 different contents on one of the 6 WD MP drives (such as a USB memory stick), so that the 5 other can download their specific content and run them in infinite loop?


  1. The only WD Media Player with an internal drive is the WDTV Live Hub

All other WD Media Players require either a USB Flash/Hard Drive or Network Streaming for local content.

Mapping 6 WD Media Players with attached Storage to your home computer and then uploading content is likely possible (if all of them are on the same LAN) … but a bit of a headache scenario.

Gonna have to make sure they all have a different IP Address.

And if you’re Windows 10 you’re gonna have to re-enable security flawed SMB1 Protocol … cus WD Media Players only support SMB1 and not the more secure SMB2/3

An easier way is to create a share on your PC and then setup all 6 WD Media Players to stream the content from that 1 share.

  1. See Answer (1)

  2. If you have 6 different “Contents” then you need to upload to all 6 WD Media Players … they can’t download content from each other.

WD Media Players “Basic” Media players which are 10 Years old and discontinued long ago … don’t expect them to perform miracles or complicated tasks.

Thanks for reply,

I will check manufacturing date, specific model, etc.

But, to make displays more reliable by not streaming from a remote source, can they select a remote content and put it on their local storage?

About mapping players so I can from the remote computer, I suppose you were talking about setting diff IP for each and program some routing of some kind in the modem-router, so Wan reequest would be well dispatched to the right LAN device?

Is it easier if the computer is local to the LAN?