Male to male USB connection to External HD

I currently have a Western Digital HDTV media player (gen 1)
connected to my TV and I have a WD 500gb hard drive complete with its own power
supply connected to the media player by USB lead, it works great and I’ve never had an issue.

I recently picked up a 2Tb Iomega Home Media Network Hard drive at a really good price and my plan was to replace the 500gig drive with the new 2Tb Iomega drive. This I thought would give me loads of extra space plus the ability to copy photos etc to the network drive wirelessly and look at them on the TV with the WD TV HD.

I started hooking this up and just realised that the 2 devices both have only female USB connections!

I could use a male to male usb cable to connect them but my rudimentary knowledge of USB tells me there is 5 volts of electricity in the cable, I’m worried that I will fry both devices? I’ve heard of a USB male to male with some electronic wizardry on the cable.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards.


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Nope…  You can’t do that.

The USB ports on the NAS drive are USB MASTER ports, not SLAVE ports.

Even those Type-A to Type-A connectors with “Wizzardy” in the cable aren’t going to work, because that “Wizardy” expects the devices to also have certain drivers.

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