Making the My Net 900 a DLNA Server

Hello all,

Forgive my noobish question, but I have the My Net 900 Router and have a WD 1 Tb hard drive attached to it.  I have successfully mapped the hard drive to my laptops, but I have a tablet (android) that I would like to stream video/audio to by using my router as a DLNA server.  How do I do this?  I am using aVia on my tablet and it finds my router, but there is nothing in the media fields.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Have you activated DLNA on the router yet?  There’s a checkmark box in the storage section to do that.

Thanks for the quick reply and yes, I have.

Despite having the DLNA checked, my SONY TV can see that there is a DLNA server but will not show any of the files or access any files that are on the HDD.  I switched to WD as my Belkin limited the number of files to 5000 when I have 15000+. Supposedly according to WD, there are no known issues based on the HDD mfg or number of files. If WD cannot respond to all of our requests, especially based on the claim for all the features, then they may end up having a class action lawsuit. I don’t see where some good USA engineers can’t resolve these problems, but if they are leaving it to outside the US, then we might as well give up.  I just expect a response from WD as I bought the unit and the 2 year extended warranty.

Based on a live response from a WD L2 Tech Support rep, they are replacing my router because of this issue and others. I am dedicated to getting through these issues for everyone that may be having similar issues.

My Sony BDP-580S blu-ray play would see all the files on my N900 with USB drive but refused to play any of them.  What ended up being the case for me was that while this router supports DLNA, it DOES NOT support DLNA conversion on the fly into a file format your other media devices can play.  This caused me to re-convert all my movies and music into m4p and mp3 (non-lossless and has to be 192 bit or less encoding).  This wasn’t an issue when I used my laptop as the DLNA server because win7 media center will auto convert files on the fly so I didn’t know this was a problem until using the USB ports on the router.

Because you said you are using a Sony TV, I would bet this is your problem as well with DLNA.  If you check the super fine print and astricks/footnotes on your TV I would bet $1Mil that it says ONLY those 2 formats can be streamed to your Sony TV via DLNA servers.  Since the router cannot re-encode on the fly, thus failed playback.