Make thumbs on Local USB stick


I bought my WDTV Live Streaming 5 weeks now, and I had the 2nd Gen before. Until now, I loved to change my old one for this one.

I have two questions, if anyone can help me, I appreciate very much:

  1. I have my movies and TV series on a NAS. The difference that I saw, is that when I had the Local drive, they save my folder.jpg and other files .jpg as a thumb inside a folder .wd_tv. And it makes very fast the access to the images. This not happen when it is a NAS, makes every time the player to load, and take some seconds. Its possible to connect a USB stick, and make the WDTV save this thumbs on a local drive? Or is that a way to make in a way to save as thumb, and WDTV can load fast on NAS too?

  2. Why some movies the WDTV doesnt create the moviesheet? Anyone found a reason? I have the same name from the database, and I didint figure out why this happen. Its possible to make this files manually?

Thanks a lot guys!


  1.  Not really true.   Whether on USB or NAS, the WD does NOT create a “folder.jpg” file.   It only creates cover art files which are called filename.metathumb, and they’re stored in the same folder as the movie file itself.

  2.  Yes, you can select the file and press OPTIONS – GET CONTENT INFO.