Make my book live duo work like dropbox

Hi guys,

Is there any methods to make my book live duo work like dropbox?

I know we can always access the file in my book live duo through WD2go

website. But what if I want to modify the file?

You can modify any file in the dropbox directly since

there is a local dropbox directory.   For example, I can open a vc++ project

in the local dropbox directory, while I can’t do it through WD2go website.


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You can also modify the file and save the files with WD 2Go

you can also use the DropBox integration on WD 2Go if you like that better

Hi Wizer

Thanks very much for your help.

Is the WD 2Go only accessed by the web-browser in the PC/laptop?

Is there any local software of WD 2Go that can be installed in my


I’ve installed WD 2Go on my smartphone, there is a dropbox directory.

Is this the DropBox integration on WD 2Go?