MacOSX LION and Time Machine

We are August 23 and still no firmware compatible with Mac OSX Lion for my MyBookWorld, I find it shameful that acompany like Western Digital. Can you  give me a date I hope this firmware and I can use Time Machine.

I thought buying a MyBookWorld II, but now I’m wondering …

How is it “shameful”?

You’re the one that upgraded to an unsupported operating system.  There should be no surprise that an unsupported operating system is, in fact, actually unsupported.

WD has had to wait for a new version of Samba to be released and tested, which is compatible with Lion and SMB2, so that they’d be able to compile the new Samba into their devices.  After all, it was Apple that decided to make their new OS incompatible with all existing SMB devices – it wasn’t the device manufacturers or the Samba people who decided to make their stuff incompatible with Lion.

And then, after that when a working Samba’s ready, WD’d have to test their patch to make sure nothing else got broken and make sure that the fix doesn’t kill your drive or lose all your data.  It never was gonna happen overnight, no matter how much of  in a hurry you feel yourself to be.

They are under no obligation to make their existing devices Lion-compatible… they are merely choosing to do so… and chosing to protect you and your data in the process… and all you can do is sit and complain about their efforts and them looking out for you and your data?  That seems selfish and unrealistic.

Who put the gun to your head and made you install Lion?  And what prevents you from rolling back or installing your own older SMB-capable Samba on your Mac, to retain compatibility until WD can release a stable firmware with a stable new SMB2 Samba compiled in?

besides, it will be all over shortly.  Next week at the latest.