macOS drag & drop to EX2 not working in column view

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Hi everyone, new to the forum.

I recently purchased an EX2 Ultra (OS5). I typically connect to the mounted NAS off the sidebar in MacOS. I usually use column view as it’s easy to see the folder tree-structure. I can access the PUBLIC folder and when I click it, I see the sub-folders and files.

In the past with my WD MBL I was able to drag a file from my Mac (whether iMac or MacBook), hover over the NAS mount, trigger the shared folders to appear, hover over the PUBLIC folder (it would turn blue) and it would trigger the appearance of the sub-folders and a green ‘+’ and I could keep progressing like so until I reached the folder structure I wanted the file to land in - same approach as any drag and drop action in MacOS.

This was the case up until yesterday (unless I was dreaming it). Now every time I try to do this, the sub-folders don’t appear or I get a pop-up stating I need to ‘Authenticate’ to move/copy the file.

I don’t encounter this behaviour with my external hdd’s when they’re mounted, just the NAS. I can work around this by using the icons view in lieu of columns but it’s not my preferred approach. Also I don’t understand why this works in icons view but no longer in column view.

Any thoughts on this?

I’ve attached two screen images


We request you to please map the drive, for more information, please refer to the link below: How to map a My Cloud or NAS device on macOS