macOS: Cannot copy iTunes Library onto MCH


To make some room on my MacBook Air SSD I bought the My Cloud Home thinking I could copy onto it my iTunes Library.

My iTunes library is merely 90GB and thousands of files. Nothing uncommon I guess.

I tried and failed multiple times to copy it from the Finder. I run macOS Mojave. I connected my computer with Ethernet to increase the throughput. I tried again with the new WD Discovery version from last week.

While only four hundreds of files were left to be copied. I ended with an error code 100006 on the copy floating window… So the copy failed. And the “kdd” process went crazy at 350% CPU and staid at that level until I logged out (with the fans at maximum speed). Very inconvenient.

What can I do? Is that a known bug? When will it be fixed?



@AustinForest I recommend contacting support