Macintosh folder from hell

I’m a Mac OSX user. In my Public volumes there is an unwanted folder with a red minus sign. When I getinfo on the folder and look at Sharing and Permissions, it says that Everyone has No Access.

if I click the plus sign and try to add my user name to the list of users for the folder, the system says my user name is not valid.  Same goes if I try to add a group.  Same goes if I try to specify a new owner.  I’ve tried specifying my macintosh user name and my MyBook user name, to no avail.

I’m the admin on my Mac but have no ability to access or delete this unwanted folder.

When I log into MyBook World Drive Manager as Admin, there is no way to delete the folder.

How do i destroy this folder from hell???  I’m truly self annoyed…!

What is the name of the folder and how was it put on the drive? How are you connecting to the World drive? If you are using finder I would try connecting to the drive with a Samba connection by clicking on Go > Connect to Server. Then type smb://drivename, where “drivename” is the name of your network drive and authenticate as the “admin” of the drive. Then see if you can remove the folder.

The folder will not show up in the Network Storage Manager because it is not on the root level of the drive. It is in the Public folder. If you still cannot remove the folder then you may need to copy any information off the drive that you need and do a factory reset on the drive under the Advanced Mode > System tab > Restore in the Network Storage Manager.

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That fixed it…by logging in as Admin.  I must have created the folder while logged in as Admin during my first session (the details of which I had forgotten).  As Admin I was able to see and delete the folder.  

You deserve Kudos but i have no clue how to Kudo you…is that some obscure message board function?

Please forgive me for pestering you but i saw your reply to this query and wondered if it also answered mine.

Despite granting all (both) users full read/write access to my new MBW, I can’t seem to create any sub-folders in any of my root folders which are accessible to both users.

Is connecting via Finder and entering the AFB address each time the only means by which the other user can access sub-folders, or is there any means of changing the permissions to allow the other user access merely via clicking on the folder icon?

With my utmost thanks in advance, in the hope that you might be able to assist this nincompoop of a newbie

Kind Regards