Macbook User Name / Password Issue

Hi all,

I have scoured every forum imaginable and even though I am pretty noob at sorting out this kind of thing, I for some reason can not get the username/password for my Macbook and WDTV LIve Hub working.  I have set all the options on my Mac correctly (according to all posts), and kept the U/N as ‘anonymous’ and the password as is.  I have updated the software on the WDTV Live, and can see the WDTV Live in my Finder.  Even though I can see it being shared, i can’t copy things into the folder (not sure why - any help here would be great), but ideally would just prefer to stream wirelessly to the Hub.

Any help on how to get the U/N and password for a Mac working would be tops!

Mucho gracias…

I’ll try to point you in the right direction

but I don’t use MAC’s so don’t have a fix

what I know is about a year or so ago

apple changed their implementation of samba sharing

which essentially broke it when used in connection with non apple products

like the WD which is linux based

if you haven’t already I’d search for “apple samba linux compatibility” issues and see if a fix comes up