MacBook missing

Hi, Last September, I installed a WD TV Live connected to my home wireless network through a WD Livewire (house powerline). I have 2 Macbooks and one Windows XP on this network. It was working beautifully, I was really happy about my purchase. In November, following a business trip of 2 weeks, I returned home to find out that my Macbook can’t be seen by the WD TV Live any more. I tried everything I could think of, nothing works, even tough that from my Macbook, I can see WD TV Live and even read what’s on a USB key connected to it. The WD TV Live can see the 2 other computers with no problem. I remember having problem in a hotel with their internet connection, during that 2 weeks trip and, while trying to fix it, we played a lot with networking settings. Unfortunately I can’t remember what we need exactly. That’s it. Can anyone help please? JC

Did you ever find a solution to your issue?

Yes I recently did. The solution was in the Firewall setting under Security. Something called “nmbd” was set (by mistake) to “Block incoming connections”. I put it back to “Allow” and all is fine. I found that out completely by chance. Thanks for asking. JC