Mac wont even acknowledge a my book is plugged in. Need help with complete installation


I am trying to get my Black My Book to work for my Mac and my Windows XP PC.

I try plugging it in the mac via firewire, however the Mac wont even acknowledge it’s existence.  The My Book is glowing, but there isn’t any signal reaching the Mac.

I’m going nowhere fast, and any help with connecting or formatting or installing this thing would be greatly appreciated.  

I had a similar issue- I upgraded the firmware from the WDC site and have mine connected to another firewire external drive and works fine. My mother with an almost identical setup- upgraded firmware, iMac, but no other external drive to daisychain to, still will not see the drive- will see it via USB. I believe the drive does not recognize when to wake when connected via firewire and sometimes cold get it to work by pressing/holding the power button- but would have to do this everytime the computer woke from sleep or was rebooted. very inconvenient- now she just uses it via USB.!!&p_li=&p_topview=1


An external hard drive connected via FireWire 400/800 (1394a/1394b) does not power on or resume operation when connected to a Mac computer when the computer resumes from sleep mode or when the computer is started.

This issue is caused by the external hard drive’s built in auto on/off functionality not correctly receiving a command from the computer system to wake from a power saver mode.

Some Apple computers provide power through the FireWire port even when the computer has been turned off or is in sleep mode. For more information and a list of computers affected, please see Apple Knowledge Base ID TA24323.

To resolve this issue, please follow the directions below:

  1. Install the WD Drive Manager ( Mac ) program.

  2. Dismount the drive by dragging the drive icon to the trashcan on the dock before powering off the computer system.

USB connectivity of external hard drives on Mac computers do not have this issue.