Mac woes with MBWE II ftp acces to drive?

I recently switched mac laptops and put all my files from an old macbook on to my MBWE II

I have come to transfer the files to the new laptop and can no longer acces the MBWE II via AFP, I just get a never ending beachball.

I have other macs on my network that previously had no problems accessing this drive via afp, which are also suffering the same problem.

I can access the drive via smb and and see the files, but it has coruppted some of the file names and put ~symbols in them. This is a real pain as a lot of my files are web development projects that rely on vast amounts of files and if things are renamed they cease to work locally.

I can acces them via mionet also, certain files are also renamed (but oddly in a diferrent manor)

I am thinking my last hope to rescue my files intact is to try and access the disk with ftp software, have enabled all the ftp serves etc but cant seem to log in to the drive at all via an ftp client.

can anyon tell me what the correct address format is to connect via fetch or other ftp program?

ftp://username:password@WAN.IP.Address (Example: