MAC/Windows Shares of My Cloud, different streaming capacities?


I just bought a WD TV Live, to connect to an also new WD My Cloud and I’ve found something strange.

When I connect the My Cloud as a Windows Shares I cannot play my Go Pro 1080p videos, because after a few seconds of paying the movie with no problem, the sound stops and the movie get stops (it hiccups).

When I connect the My Cloud as a Mac Shares I can play my Go Pro 1080p videos with no problems. In the other hand if I do this I cannot see some of the “special” characters of the directories names (minor problem) but the worst part is that I cannot see the drive connect to the USB port of My Cloud.

When I Connect as Media Drive I can play my Go Pro 1080p videos with no problems, but I cannot play the .srt that are not inside the .mkv files.

I understand the problem with of connecting as a Media Player, but don’t know why I’ve got different behavior between MAC and Windows Shares. I think the problem is because of the high Mbit/s of the Go Pro movie (around 12Mb/s), but don’t why the MAC Shares works ok and the Windows Shares don’t.

The TV Live is running the latest firmware.

I’m I doing something wrong in the My Cloud side?

Best regards.


After a Reboot of My Cloud, is working OK with the Windows Shares.

Very stable. :dizzy_face: