Mac Time Machine dies every hour

I bought a WD 3Tb MyBook Live NAS drive for use with Time Machine. It supports TM out of the box without any OS tweaks.  I’m running OS 10.6.7.  

TM won’t run longer than an hour.   Almost every hour I see

Log entries:

5/6/11 1:53:04 AM          configd[14]          network configuration changed.

5/6/11 1:53:08 AM          configd[14]          network configuration changed.

5/6/11 2:53:22 AM          configd[14]          network configuration changed.

5/6/11 2:53:25 AM          configd[14]          network configuration changed.

5/6/11 3:53:41 AM          configd[14]          network configuration changed.

5/6/11 3:53:44 AM          configd[14]          network configuration changed.

The above happens with or without TM enabled and running.   With TM running it looks like:

5/5/11 9:42:16 AM          configd[15]          network configuration changed.

5/5/11 9:42:16 AM          kernel          ASP_TCP Disconnect: triggering reconnect by bumping reconnTrigger from curr value 0 on so 0x83d651c

5/5/11 9:42:16 AM          kernel          AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect started /Volumes/TimeMachine prevTrigger 0 currTrigger 1

5/5/11 9:42:16 AM          kernel          AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect:  doing reconnect on /Volumes/TimeMachine

5/5/11 9:42:16 AM          kernel          AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect:  soft mounted and hidden volume so do not notify KEA for /Volumes/TimeMachine

5/5/11 9:42:16 AM          kernel          AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect:  Max reconnect time: 30 secs, Connect timeout: 15 secs for /Volumes/TimeMachine

5/5/11 9:42:16 AM          kernel          AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect:  connect to the server /Volumes/TimeMachine

5/5/11 9:42:16 AM          kernel          ASP_TCP asp_SetTCPQoS:  sock_settclassopt got error 57

It seems that this network config change breaks the connection to the TM volume.   Any ideas on what’s causing the network config change?

The WD drive and iMac are connected via ethernet (Not Wireless) to the same linksys WRT54GL router.

I posted this on the Apple support discussions as well.

Are you running the latest My Book Live firmware?

Yes, I updated it Wedensday.  I just got the drive.   This is also happening on a MacBook Pro, connected the same way via ethernet on the same switch.   I have not tried it via wireless connection yet.

Looks like your network is changing the IP. You might want try assigning  IPs to the My Book Live and your Mac in the router. These logs are from your Mac?

Yes, I’m using DHCP on both computers.   I can assign a static address and see.    The logs are from my iMac, the MacBook looks the same.   The IP’s are not actually changing.   I did assign a static IP to the drive,  I had a conflict where my VOIP phone was duplicating the IP of the drive.