Mac software for external drives swaps languages

I have downloaded the latest versions of the WD software for Mac ( for the MyPassport Ultra 2TB disc). My Mac is a OSX 9 Mavericks Macbook Pro, installed with language = DUTCH. 

When I open the downloaded versions of WB Security and WD drive utility they are in POLISH (at least that what i think the language is, I can’t read it). The WD Firmware updater I also downloaded at the same time is showing text in DUTCH like expected. 

I can not find any language switch in the WD software. How can I switch to DUTCH or ENGLISH? 

Regards, Hayo 


You should be able to download the English editions of WD SmartWare, WD Drive Utilities, WD Security, and the WD Firmware Updater from the following link:

Please bear in mind WD SmartWare is not supported in Apple Mac OSX with the WD Passport Ultra. We recommend Apple Time Machine instead.